About Edbank

EdBank is India's first community-powered platform for educators to exchange research, resources, and recommendations. EdBank connects people, practices, and pedagogies to empower schools to inspire the next generation.


To transform any country in the world, all one needs to do is invest in its Teachers' skills. EdBank is our humble effort towards a brighter future.

  • Elevate your Online professional development with the largest community of educators and education thought leaders.
  • Flexible schedule and environment
  • Learn from the best minds in Education
  • Learn from anywhere, at any time


Our mission is to empower each and every educator by making world-class knowledge and resources accessible to them for a better and brighter future.


  • flexibility and versatility,
  • potential to build community among teachers and across groups,
  • new possibilities for accountability, and.
  • improvement of teacher retention by enabling teachers to become more directly involved in their own learning and professional growth.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT is a requirement for all teachers and is important because education is an ever-growing, ever-changing field. This means that teachers must be lifelong learners in order to teach each new group of students. Professional development not only allows teachers to learn new teaching styles, techniques, and tips but also interact with educators from other areas in order to improve their own teaching.