Alternative approach to teach History


History is unofficially branded as the most boring subject by students. However, the same students, when they reach adulthood, start enjoying history. They realize that history was never boring. However, the way it reached them in school had some issues. 

This course will help teachers change the way history is taught in classrooms. History will not remain in the same old boring subjects. We can bring experiments and practical games within history classrooms, just like we do for other sciences. 

Certification: Available at a nominal cost of Rs 499/-

What will you learn
  • How to handle challenges with teaching history

  • How to make history relevant

  • How to tackle preconceived notions of students

  • Understanding Historiography & Selective Historiography

  • Experiential learning approach to history

  • Some ideas and examples to implement in classroom

  • K12 Educators


  • 12 Lessons
  • 01:44:09 Hours
  • Video Lesson - Part 100:23:31
  • Session 1 Presentation
  • Session 1 Quiz
  • Video Lesson - Part 200:27:01
  • Session 2 Presentation
  • Session 2 Quiz
  • Video Lesson - Part 300:33:39
  • Session 3 Presentation
  • Session 3 Quiz
  • Video Lesson - Part 400:19:58
  • Session 4 Presentation
  • Session 4 Quiz

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Name : Vikramjit Rooprai
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Nanditha bm - Fri, 11-Sep-2020

It was informative session

Piys Basak - Fri, 11-Sep-2020


ROUMA CHATTERJEE - Fri, 11-Sep-2020

Namita De - Thu, 19-Nov-2020

Fantastic inputs on how to use alternative approaches to teach history and make it an interesting subject for the students

Chaitrali Sapre - Fri, 23-Jul-2021

A wonderful insight for a teacher who wants to improve teaching skills