Coding In Early Years


What do Froebel’s gifts, HOT, STEM, guessing and estimation games have in common?

They are all the foundation of learning coding and robotics in the early years!

We teach preschoolers to read, write, count, we teach them about the world around them - animals, birds, insects, etc. and we are forgetting that the world around them now is full of gadgets and technology. Teaching them how to safely engage with technology and informing them how this technology works, is the need of the hour. It is time to ensure that these children who are presently in early years programs are exposed to ‘technology literacy’ and are aware that machines should not be making us do things all the time but that we can tell a machine what to do…that machines listen to US! It is time for our early years' programmes to adopt what the world is calling, ‘a new literacy’- coding. 

Certification: Available at a nominal cost of Rs 499/-

What will you learn
  • Understand the foundation of coding to life skills

  • Identify the connection of coding to Piaget's Schemas and Froebel's gifts

  • Learn how play connects to early years activities as a foundation of coding and robotics

  • Provide learners with a strong foundation of technology literacy, from early years.

  • Early Childhood Educators interested in Developmentally appropriate coding and robotics in early years


  • 18 Lessons
  • 03:33:49 Hours
  • Video Lesson: Froebel - Piaget. Play and its connection to coding.00:54:32
  • Session 1 Presentation
  • Video used on Slide 3 of the Lesson presentation00:02:17
  • Video used on Slide 18 of the Lesson presentation00:01:00
  • Froebel- Piaget. Play and its connection to coding Quiz
  • Video Lesson: Coding and Instructions in early years00:39:00
  • Session 2 Presentation
  • Video used on Slide 26 of the session presentation00:00:55
  • Session 2 Quiz
  • Video Lesson: The sequence of coding and learning readiness00:54:13
  • Session 3 Presentation
  • Video used in slide no. 6 of session 3 video lesson00:01:35
  • Video used in slide no. 10 of session 3 video lesson00:01:12
  • Session 3 Quiz
  • Video Lesson: Designing a Developmentally appropriate coding curriculum for early years00:52:56
  • Session 4 Presentation
  • Video used in slide no. 3 of session 4 presentation00:06:09
  • Session 4 Quiz

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Name : Dr. Swati Popat Vats
Reviews : 105 Reviews
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Dinesh Saini - Wed, 29-Jul-2020

Falguni Shah - Wed, 05-Aug-2020

Lavina Raheja - Tue, 04-Aug-2020

Kritika Sharma - Tue, 04-Aug-2020

Khushi Agarwal - Tue, 04-Aug-2020

Kavya Bhaisora - Tue, 04-Aug-2020

Subarna Maharjan - Thu, 06-Aug-2020

It's amazing session, I really love to attend Swati mam's session, always wonderful presentation. Thank you very much for this opportunity

Arjun Chopra - Tue, 04-Aug-2020

Nice learning with ed bank

Himanshi Pardeshi - Tue, 04-Aug-2020

MANISHA CHANDRA - Wed, 12-Aug-2020


Smriti Mukherjee - Wed, 05-Aug-2020

Misbah Khan - Wed, 05-Aug-2020

Sakshi Srivastav - Wed, 05-Aug-2020

Megha Pravin Bathe - Sat, 08-Aug-2020

Swati Ma'am is and has always been a role model in Early Childhood Education. I am very happy to join this course and to learn and know about CODING. This content and presentation of the course was very helpful to easily know and adapt the now trending term called "CODING" Thank you edbank and thankyou Swati Ma'am for this value added knowledge and learning. May the journey continue ahead!!

Leena Thomas - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Creative corner Annielata sason - Thu, 06-Aug-2020

Yesha Mahesh - Mon, 21-Sep-2020


Incredible effort by Ms Swati in putting together a programme that simplifies learning of a complex topic and highlights the importance of incorporating pre coding activities in early years education.

Ragini - - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

It was informative session.

Deepa N - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Madhumita KunduBanerjee - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Very innovative and interesting course.Really we can now name our activities we do with children. Thank you.

Surekha Sisodia - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Super session ma'am Not will be more focus on coding part on our students rather than root learning .

R Vijaya - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

It was a wonderful training given by Dr.Swati Popat about coding in early years. Thank you so much Mam.

Nishita Poojary - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Educative, simple explanations, easy to understand.

Deepa Saxena - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

This is a wonderful course , understood so many new concepts through this course. Thankyou so much.

Pooja Haria - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Amazing session on coding by Swati Popat Mam.. Never knew that what coding was and when I got to know, I realised that this we were already doing in our classroom..but now we will look into another aspect from angle of Coding..

Senjuti Mukherjee - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Neelam Bhanushali - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Very informative interesting and amazing learning. Thank you Swati maam for your guidance and sharing knowledge and helping educators to upgrade self and most importantly helping young learners for their life ahead.

Nirja Sule - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Devika Bijoy - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Awesome course on Coding - Informative. Kudos to edbank for organizing this course and hats off to Swati ma'am for the wonderful sessions.

Sandhya Shimpi - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Harmeet Kaur - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Excellent programme.....Very informative and great efforts put in by Dr.Swati Popat Vats in explaining everything in a simple way....Thanks a lot for giving us this opportunity to learn and add another feather to our caps...!!!

Gauri Kumari - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

PUJA SOMANI - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

I really englighted and enhance my knowledge in the field of coding in the early years.I learned comprehend the content very precisely thank you Swati MA'AM. Really Fantastic enriched 4 days course. You really explained and make us understand a very crucial content in a very interactive, example based videos as well as worksheets and also coding based activities really makes the coding very easy to us.


Very Informative and interesting way of revisiting knowledge!

Preeti Manglani - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Swati mam it was really an informative one being a pre primary teacher i never know that we done coding already but just the Algorithms were missing. Thank u dear for such an informative session. Awating for Yash n Yashika book.

Tejal Shah - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Swati ma'am, Kudos to you. I feel really englighted and well-equipped with the knowledge you shared with us about coding in the early years.You simplified a complex and misunderstood topic ( at least by few educators) and explained it in such a simple way with examples that it made it easy for us to comprehend and connect with what we are doing in the class. Really Fantastic 4 days course. Looking forward to coding for 6-8 years old. Kindly let us know.

Shwetha Chander Sekhar - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Kudos to Swati maa'm!!! one of the best training i have ever enrolled. Thank you so much Ebank and Swati maa'm.

Deepa Garg - Wed, 26-Aug-2020

Loved the session

Sweety Nadar - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

It was a nice and wonderful session.

Surbhi Mathur - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Very informative session... Thank you so much Swati Maa'm

sailaja chaganti - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

This is amazing PD session. Thanks a lot to Ms. Swati Popat Vats for showing us a clear path in the Early Years Division.

Jahnavi Contractor - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Thank you for the wonderful sessions. The course was well organised, with adequate amount of examples and explanation that simplified and made the learning process smooth. Thank you Dr. Swati, you are an inspiration ! :)

Laxmi Shah alias Gala - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

The session was fantastic it covers all the points for early childhood development as a teacher and parent.

Rohini Venkatesh - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Thank you Dr.Swati mam.. This is an eye opening learning for everyone of us... Mam, as you rightly said this have to be properly communicated to parents and every educators of early years that we are giving developmentally important education and that we are laying a strong foundation for coding in the form of play.. Really I have shared your course to playschool groups and will continue to do so mam...thank you from my heart for being our mentor mother.

Roopa Lobo - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

THANKS A TON ! Extremely informative and a wonderful course Swati, I had designed my curriculum on the same lines but can take it to another Level now. Warm Regards Roopa Lobo

vandana singhania - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Ronak Hamirani - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Excellent, liked every part of it!

twinkle gandhi - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

It was an extraordinary endeavour on part of Swati mam to lead this much required session on coding for early years. These 4 days of wholesome learning is definitely going to help a lot in implementing coding in our early learning classrooms. Wonderful session. I got lots of takeaways. Thank you

seema gupta - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Very nice course and felt like coding is the necessity for kindergarten

Taiseen Fijiya - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Excellent session. Learn many new things. Wonderful way of teaching Swati Ma'am. Thanks a lot ????

Charmi Dharod - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Superb experience. it is well blended course must for all educators.thank you souch edbank and Swati mam.u rocks????????

Hamesh Ekta - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Thank you so much Dr.Swati ma'am for this informative and amazing session.

Sweta Sinha - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Listening to swati ma'am is always a great learning itself. The way she teaches is very motivating .thank u for this lovely and interesting session ma'am. It was so informative .

Sonal Shah - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

It was an enriching experience. Thank you Swati Ma'am

Simran Sikka - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Dimple Bhanushali - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Explained excellently the interconnectedness between Early childhood curriculum and coding. I am Definately going to redesign my curriculum. Thank you so much ma'am! It's always a special and wonderful feeling to learn from you!

Nympha Mamtha Gojer - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Wonderful Swati Ma'am. Well explained. Enjoyed and learnt a lot. Thank you.

Richa Sanghvi - Fri, 07-Aug-2020

Siteeka Agrawal - Sat, 08-Aug-2020

It was an Amazing experience

Anju Nigam - Sat, 08-Aug-2020

Very informative session. Now the teachers can plan their curriculum more effectively. All the young parents should attend it too.

Manish Kumar - Sat, 08-Aug-2020

Awesome course on Coding...Thank you mam

Paulomi Kulshrestha - Sat, 08-Aug-2020

Very nicely explained

Shantasree Gupta - Sat, 08-Aug-2020

Dipu Kadia - Sat, 08-Aug-2020

Very nice session taken by Ms. Swati. I attended all for class and I also attended all quiz. All sessions are very good. Learned lots of new coding point in this all session.

Kinjal Ahuja - Sat, 08-Aug-2020

Very helpful and informative session.

Kunjan Mehta - Sun, 09-Aug-2020

Thank you Swati Mam for such an enriching session on coding for early years. It helped in understanding its need and importance in the early years.


I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course and would look forward to every day's lesson. I am glad that I can come back to these and learn more. Even though the 4 days seemed compact, I think the learning and research that went into it has been profound. Looking forward to the book.

Bhavna Bhanushali - Tue, 11-Aug-2020

Thank you swati ma'am for such an in depth knowledge on pre coding skills in early childhood.

Vinay Singh - Tue, 11-Aug-2020

jyoti naik - Tue, 11-Aug-2020

PARVANI DAWAR - Tue, 11-Aug-2020

payal merchant - Tue, 11-Aug-2020

awesome course would have loved to do one coding curriculum planning together as a part of the course

Pooja Thacker - Thu, 13-Aug-2020

The session was really very good. Got to learn many new things.

Anjita Jain - Sat, 15-Aug-2020

The course was really amazing lots to learn and excuse in the early years of learning with children

Nilakshi Goswami Baruah - Sun, 16-Aug-2020

First of all, it's a great honor to be a part of this special course. Excellent course on coding in early education. I have successfully completed my 4days sessions on coding and learned a lots through this course , trained by Swati Popat ma'am. Highly recommend .I would suggest to all early educator to do this course. Thank You edbank and Swati ma'am for arrainng such a beautiful course.

Preeti Arora - Sun, 16-Aug-2020

It's a wonderful course to aware the teacher about coding which teachers already doing it. Now they will do it in more creative way.

Shailja Chhabra - Mon, 17-Aug-2020

Thank you Swati màam is a very small gesture for a passionate EDUCATOR who is contributing so effectively in the field of ECCE. Swati ma'am I am feeling blessed to be a part of your trainings, you have connected our PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE to NEW KNOWLEDGE.

Dr Payal Shewani - Mon, 17-Aug-2020

Soni Mishra - Tue, 18-Aug-2020

Jegna Mahajan - Tue, 18-Aug-2020



Ashfaq Khan - Thu, 20-Aug-2020

concepts of coding explained in easiest way possible for kids.Great work

Emilia D'souza - Thu, 20-Aug-2020

Poorti Rele - Mon, 24-Aug-2020

It was a great learning experience. On completion of this course under the expert guidance of Swati Ma'am my belief in Early Childhood education and the fun of coding has anchored deep to the bottom of my heart. I second the say of Swati Ma'am, we educators have to strengthen and take ECE to the heights, where community becomes aware that how important these early years are for creating a firm and quality foundation of a child. Fortunate and lucky to come across the coding course.... edbank...thanks a ton to the entire team. Poorti.

Asha Thakkar - Sat, 29-Aug-2020

An excellent course, thoroughly enjoyed the four sessions which covered all aspects and details of coding for young learners.

purva watwe - Sat, 29-Aug-2020

very brilliantly the coding structure is established against preschoolers education curriculum. Love the concepts in the book!!!

Deshmi Shetty - Sun, 30-Aug-2020

Thanks ma'am for such an amazing and wonderful experience. I could revisit my thoughts and will definitely implement your ideas

Zankhna Patel - Mon, 31-Aug-2020

Vinita Shelake - Wed, 02-Sep-2020

Tanu Abhishek Singh - Wed, 02-Sep-2020

Aparna Pendse - Mon, 07-Sep-2020

I really had a great learning experience, I was so amazed to learn that actually we have so many activities in our curriculum which indirectly teach our students concepts or coding. A must course for all early Childhood educators, Teachers. Thank you so much Swati ma'am for this course.

MS Jayshree Shah Shah - Wed, 09-Sep-2020

An excellent presentation which is must for early childhood educator to understand that coding is the root for brain nourishment and applicable unknowingly in range of activities. Definitely it's a layer of joy after peeling layers of Onion. Very practical, interesting and recommended for knowing basic unknown facts of coding.

Parul Sindhwani - Wed, 16-Sep-2020

A fabulous course that opened my horizon as an Early Years educator. It was reassuring to know that we do almost all this with our children, but never knew that it was a part of the coding curriculum. Many thanks for training us.

Suha Hameed - Fri, 18-Sep-2020

Vastral Pjk - Tue, 22-Sep-2020

Mahalakshmi Raghavi - Fri, 25-Sep-2020

Nilakshi Das - Sat, 26-Sep-2020

Jigisha Pandey - Tue, 03-Nov-2020


Mam it's really amazing session.I felt like to listen few more sessions.

Hetal Patel - Tue, 24-Nov-2020

Course was very helpful

Khushali Jain - Thu, 13-Jan-2022

How to download certificate

Malathi Gopi - Wed, 26-Jan-2022