Equity and Excellence for Every Child


The course aims at supporting educators to:

Understand that deep inequalities in society hamper the growth of children and further perpetuate inequality.

Understand the need to develop competencies in the system to ensure excellence for each child.

Appreciate the need for schools’ commitment to excellence for every child.

Know several strategies by which we can create collective efficacies in the system to include disadvantaged groups in the overall success story.

Appreciate the context of Sustainable Development Goals.

Appreciate the purpose of education in the context of 21st Century learning.

Describe the 21st Century competencies and pedagogies.

Core competencies of system’s 3Es: Equality, Excellence for Everyone

1.    Focus on priority no1.

2.     All-encompassing feedback: academic, behavioural, attendance, engagement.

3.    Timely, feedback to the teachers for the capacity building

4.    Collective efficacy of the teachers and the system

5.    Leadership effectiveness and practices.

Best practices in 3Es

1.           Relationship, empathy and trust

2.           Undivided attention on progress and achievement

3.           Good comprehension, fearless expression, articulation

4.           A collaborative approach to work with individual students

5.           A differential approach to identification and remediation of learning difficulties

6.           Widening of assessment tools

Certification: Available at a nominal cost of Rs 499/-

What will you learn
  • Purpose, direction and commitment for educators and schools to achieve excellence for all.

  • What does equity and excellence mean? And how can leaders ensure their schools achieve it?

  • Some best practices in achieving excellence for all.

  • Understanding the roots of 21st Century learning.

  • Meaning and context of 21st Century learning

  • How to encourage thinking and self directed learning?

  • Educators interested in educational equity, excellence and diversity awareness.


  • 7 Lessons
  • 01:33:44 Hours
  • Pre Module Quiz - Module 1
  • Commitment to SDG (Goal 4)00:52:07
  • Session 1 Presentation
  • Pre Module Quiz - Module 2
  • Commitment to 21st Century Competencies (21CC)00:41:37
  • Module 2 Presentation
  • Course Completion Quiz

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Kritika Sharma - Tue, 25-Aug-2020

Excited to learn

Arushi Sharma - Wed, 26-Aug-2020

abhinav datta - Fri, 28-Aug-2020


SHILPA MISHRA - Fri, 28-Aug-2020

Excellent Course, that provides a complete view of SDG goal no. 4, 21st century skills and it also tell us that learning is a life long process, so we have to be positive. thank you Sir

purva watwe - Sat, 29-Aug-2020

it is a very new and intriguing topic, i will need a lot of time and referencing to understand several concepts/ terms mentioned here.