How to teach so everybody learns #GaltiSudhar


This course helps educators learn about some important aspects of brain research that are connected to improving the teaching-learning process. These techniques will help ensure that every child in the class is an achiever and involved learner. The new National Education Policy stresses ‘experiential lifelong learning’, and this workshop equips educators to immerse their teaching process, materials, and interactions in research-based best practices for maximum engagement of the learners in the classroom.

What will you learn
  • Important aspects of brain research that are connected to improving the teaching-learning process.

  • Learn techniques that will help ensure that every child in the class is an achiever and an involved learner.

  • Understanding left and right brain learning techniques.

  • Learn how to achieve higher brain learning by ensuring that the lower brain is engaged.

  • Understand ‘crossing the midline’ activities so that children can use their bodies effectively for learning.

  • Understand empathy as an essential part of the teaching-learning process.

  • #GaltiSudhar- understanding and identifying errors in learning material while designing them or buying them.

  • Educators interested in improving the teaching-learning process.
  • Specially helpful for Early Childhood Educators


  • 13 Lessons
  • 02:52:47 Hours
  • Presentation Part 1 (For Video Lessons 1 and 2)
  • Presentation Part 2 (For Video Lessons 3 and 4)
  • Video Lesson 100:48:40
  • video used on slide 13 of the lesson presentation00:00:15
  • video used on slide 29 of the lesson presentation 00:00:47
  • Video Lesson 200:58:47
  • video used on slide 63 of the lesson presentation00:01:36
  • Knowledge recap - session 1 and 2
  • Video Lesson 300:38:29
  • video used on slide 6 of the lesson presentation00:00:54
  • Video Lesson 400:22:07
  • video used on slide 28 of the lesson presentation00:01:12
  • Knowledge recap - session 3 and 4

About instructor

Name : Dr. Swati Popat Vats
Reviews : 105 Reviews
Student : 2665 Students
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Junjha Ram Oasis School Bisarniya - Fri, 08-Jan-2021

Wonderful course designed and explained by Swati Mam. I was already big fan of mam and was thinking about such detailed training videos for school directors teachers. Thank you mam and such a wonderful platform. If you can provide these all videos on YouTube it will be accessible for everyone.

Parul Jain - Tue, 16-Feb-2021