Humour in Classrooms


According to Glasser, fun (what humor generates) is one of five basic needs that motivate human beings. It is no less important than the needs of survival, power, belonging, and freedom. Fun is nature’s reward for learning. We agree. 

However, beyond the fun factor, humor can be an effective way to engage students and activate learning. There are numerous positive effects of using humor in your classroom each day, both for your students and for yourself.

This unique course presents a variety of ways in which humor can be brought into the classroom. 

Certification: Available at a nominal cost of Rs 499/-

What will you learn
  • Understand Humour's Impact on Teaching

  • Learn how to bring humour to the classroom

  • Learn the importance of acting in the classrooms

  • Using STORYTELLING in the classroom

  • How to use PROPS & SPACE

  • Learn to use SUSPENSE & SURPRISE

  • Prepare your ENTRANCE & EXIT

  • K12 educators and aspiring teachers


  • 6 Lessons
  • 02:05:12 Hours
  • Video Lesson - Part 100:43:42
  • Video Lesson - Part 200:40:17
  • Video Lesson - Part 300:41:13
  • Video Assignment
  • Course Completion Quiz

About instructor

Name : Pratish R Nair
Reviews : 6 Reviews
Student : 879 Students
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Reshma Shaji - Thu, 03-Sep-2020


Anshu mala Ojha - Thu, 03-Sep-2020

Amita Joshi - Thu, 03-Sep-2020

It's very useful for us

Krishna Maan - Thu, 03-Sep-2020

Very informative and needs to be implemented by teacher in virtual teaching era.

Charu Kapoor - Thu, 03-Sep-2020

It was an insightful session!!

Carolyn Troughton - Fri, 18-Dec-2020

Some very interesting points raised. The course could potentially have been presented in a shorter amount of time. I didn't feel at all comfortable with having to video myself and upload it to a Facebook group as part of the assessment. Having completed all but this portion of the course, I can see that I do use humour a great deal in the classroom. I now feel even more equipped to add to this. When I use humour, it is natural and flows in response to the students in front of me. This is in direct opposition to a scripted video which is required for the assessment. I don't use social media (Facebook), which adds a further block to my 100% completion of the course.