Post-COVID Guidelines for Reopening of Preschools & Daycares


Post COVID Guidelines for Re-opening of Preschools and Daycares is an online program that highlights comprehensive guidelines for preschools and daycares for re-opening post lockdown. These guidelines will be of enormous assistance to those engaged in educating children in a safe and secure environment.

The course is divided into four sections, with children, last as we have to 'put the COVID (oxygen) mask on us first before looking after them'!

What will you learn
  • Covid measures at the Centre

  • Covid measures for staff

  • Covid measures for parents

  • Covid measures for children

  • Early Childhood Educators and Parents


  • 19 Lessons
  • 00:22:14 Hours
  • Introduction
  • COVID measures at the center
  • Cleanliness and Safety Measures00:05:26
  • Plan the seating arrangement00:03:51
  • Unwell after coming to school00:02:09
  • Quiz 1
  • Guidelines for Training Staff and Teachers
  • Aspects to look into the first day of school00:02:20
  • Toys and Equipment00:01:11
  • Quiz 2
  • Guidelines to Prepare Parents
  • Parent Video00:01:49
  • Quiz 3
  • Guidelines to Prepare Children
  • School day-care00:01:14
  • Quiz 4
  • Additional Action Points
  • Important Action Points00:04:14

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JOYA DEEPANJALI LAL - Sat, 10-Apr-2021

This course helps me to consolidate my idead - how to conduct a lesson with young learners especially during Covid

Simi Nair - Mon, 12-Apr-2021

Ponnambili Abhilash - Fri, 16-Apr-2021

Z GAMERS - Sat, 18-Sep-2021

5 stars

Gouri Banerjee - Fri, 24-Sep-2021

Podar Jumbo Buldhana - Wed, 24-Nov-2021

Manisha Agarwal - Fri, 03-Dec-2021

PJK Gondia - Tue, 01-Feb-2022