Social Sciences as the foundation of education system


Social Sciences have been limited to 3 or 4 subjects in the Indian school curriculum, and are always positioned below the subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology etc. However, since Ancient times, Social Sciences have influenced the learning paradigm.

This course intends to enable educators to see Social Sciences in a different light and make learning fun for children. We will touch upon topics like Liberal Arts, Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning and Story Pedagogy. The course is loaded with examples and ideas to be implemented in the classroom.

Certification: Available at a nominal cost of Rs 499/-

What will you learn
  • Learn the concept of Social Sciences

  • Understand the concept of Liberal Arts

  • Transition from Liberal to Technical Arts via Industrial Revolution

  • Power of Story Pedagogy

  • Influence of Social Science on other subjects

  • Role of Food, Language, Music, and other such aspects in daily learning

  • Some ideas and examples to implement in classroom

  • K12 educators, School Leaders and aspiring teachers


  • 12 Lessons
  • 02:20:23 Hours
  • Introduction to Social Sciences - Video Lesson00:22:56
  • Session 1 Presentation
  • Session 1 Quiz
  • Social Sciences and Other subjects - Video Lesson00:47:36
  • Session 2 Presentation
  • Session 2 Quiz
  • Story Pedagogy - Video Lesson00:34:14
  • Session 3 Presentation
  • Session 3 Quiz
  • Some more Ideas - Video Lesson00:35:37
  • Session 4 Presentation
  • Session 4 Quiz

About instructor

Name : Vikramjit Rooprai
Reviews : 12 Reviews
Student : 883 Students
Courses : 2 Courses


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Vinay Singh - Thu, 27-Aug-2020


Ritu Verma - Fri, 28-Aug-2020

Wonderful session


purva watwe - Sat, 29-Aug-2020

awesome presentation, impressive examples and awesome ideas. Loved the personal storytelling examples and project of creating the country to weave all aspects of Social Sciences... KUDOS... long live you and your clan to carry on like you do....

Beulah Ramani - Sun, 30-Aug-2020

Excellent presentation by Vikramjit Sir. I enjoyed learning.

Saba Shaukat Sheikh - Wed, 09-Sep-2020

Wonderful ideas with amazing delivery of content. Enjoyed this course a lot. Thank you Sir.

Namita De - Fri, 07-May-2021

complex concept is explained using various cross connection of the subjects in an engaging manner