The Whole Brain Model


The Whole-Brain model is based on Vygotsky’s theory of Social Learning. WBT is considered to be the best practice as it seeks to empower students as learners. This model is flexible, adaptable by any teacher to suit their own teaching methods. The whole Brain model basically means to activate all the parts of the brain. This model does not focus on assessments: it is mainly on getting students involved in direct instruction.  

 The whole Course is divided into four broad modules

  1. Knowledge of the Whole Brain model and its scope to make learning more effective
  2. Planning &designing of the lesson based on the child’s brain preferences.
  3. Need analysis and various delivery mechanisms.
  4. Creating a learning ladder for every individual in the class to make learning holistic.

In the process of learning the above topics, one will understand the effective assessment model, differentiation in the class, benefits of individualizing the learning process. And skill to create your own activities that suit your scenario.

Certification: Available at a nominal cost of Rs 499/-

What will you learn
  • Introduction to the Whole Brain Model.

  • Identify learners’ style, learning preferences, learning pace and learning levels.

  • Designing Lessons as per the Whole Brain Model and for all learners.

  • Engaging the 4 quadrants of the brain using the Whole Brain Model.

  • Successful Implementation of the Whole Brain Model in your classroom.

  • All K-12 educators


  • 8 Lessons
  • 02:53:57 Hours
  • Pre Course Reading Material
  • Course Presentation
  • Video Lesson Part- 101:16:13
  • Self Assessment
  • Video Lesson Part- 200:42:02
  • Self Assessment
  • Video Lesson Part- 300:25:52
  • Video Lesson Part- 400:29:50

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